Laundries in Yandina


Custom Designs & Builds

Have you been thinking about updating or renovating your laundry? If so, Best Buy Kitchens in Yandina is ready to help you create the perfect space. If you would like more laundry storage, need more bench space or a more efficient and functional design, we can help.

We’ve been in the business for more than 40 years, we’re specialists in the industry, so we know what will work and what won’t.
Washing Machine in Laundry — Bestbuy Kitchens in Yandina, QLD

There are several aspects you need to consider when upgrading or renovating your laundry



If you are limited in available space, this may impact your design options. If all you can fit in your laundry is a stackable washer and dryer and a small bench space, then we will suggest the best storage solution for your space.


Once you know you have enough space in your laundry, you then need to determine the configuration or layout that would work best for you. Make sure your laundry functions for you, not against you. You need to ensure the room flows to reduce stress and ensure the layout is not too cramped and crowded.

Storage & Shelving

Once you are clear about your layout, consider your storage requirements. How much storage do you need? Would you prefer mounted cupboards or shelving? What about racks or hanging spaces to hang or store clothes and other cleaning equipment.

Hidden Compartments

Some people overlook this aspect entirely but if you would like to put some things away, completely out of sight, it’s something to consider. Whether it’s your ironing board or vacuum you would like to hide, you could have a custom cabinet built to accommodate, that enables these things to be hidden until needed.

If you would like inspiration, you can call in to our showroom to see all our available products and design options. Here, you can see styles, colours and design options that you may not have considered. Standard, cookie cutter laundries don’t work for everybody. Why not create a work space that looks great and works for you?